Pretty in Pink

Price: 30.75 AUD
Pretty in Pink handmade by me in smoke free zone. 35cm 15 inches. Body is muslin with hypo allergenic filling. Boots white glitter, sockes rugshed, pink bloomers with lace trim, frock is pink cotton, overfrock pink cotton with pink lace trim and butterfly button in front. Eyes painted, mouth,nose, eyebrows embroided on, Hair is double stitched into head with burgundy bow stitched into head.

Tilley Sue3

Price: 30.75 AUD
Tilley Sue3 handmade by me, approximately 37.5 cm /15inches. She has long white bloomers with lace trim. Cotton blue frock with blue flowers trim on hem. Over blouse is white with blue flowers print. Bodice is lined. Face. Eyes painted, eyebrows, nose, mouth embroided. Hair is linked onto crochet hair scalp base . Black painted boots, white painted socks. Bow. One of a kind made in smoke free environment.

Tilley Sue 2

Price: 28.00 AUD
Handmade in a smoke free environment. One of a kind doll 37.5cm.15 inches Handmade by me in a smoke free zone. Black painted boots, white painted socks with lace trim. Lined frock, bodice top faced. Trim on hem and around armholes. Bloomers with lace trim. Eyes painted, eyebrows nose, Mouth embroided. Hair double sewn onto head in bunches.

Tilly Sue

Price: 28.00 AUD
37.5cm soft cloth doll handmade in smoke free environment. Wine coloured acrylic hair double back stitched into head. Mouth,nose, eyebrows, eye lashes embroidery. Eyes painted Shoes, socks, painted. Lace around top of socks Pink bloomers, pink frock, pink flower print bodice. Bow in hair with pink flower.

Little Laura

Price: 27.00 AUD
Little Laura handmade by me, approximately 30cm. Body coffee and vanilla stained. Face embroidered. Hair braided and sewn onto head. Bodice fully lined, skirt sewn onto blue bodice, all cotton. Sleeves have blue spotted braid sewn on. Apron is cotton with embroidered flower design with blue cord tied at back. White bloomers with tie at waist and hem of legs.