Tilly Sue

Price: 27.25 AUD
37.5cm soft cloth doll handmade in smoke free environment. Wine coloured acrylic hair double back stitched into head. Mouth,nose, eyebrows, eye lashes embroidery. Eyes painted Shoes, socks, painted. Lace around top of socks Pink bloomers, pink frock, pink flower print bodice. Now in hair with pink flower.

Little Laura

Price: 23.00 AUD
Little Laura handmade by me, approximately 30cm. Body coffee and vanilla stained. Face embroidered. Hair braided and sewn onto head. Bodice fully lined, skirt sewn onto blue bodice, all cotton. Sleeves have blue spotted braid sewn on. Apron is cotton with embroidered flower design with blue cord tied at back. White bloomers with tie at waist and hem of legs.

Little Sarah

Price: 19.00 AUD
Little Sarah is adapted from a Lilliie Mae's craft pattern and handmade by me. She is approximately 25cm tall. Body coffee, vanilla stained. legs are red/white stripe. Boots are black with black laces stitched into leg. Pantaloons white with white crocheted cord tie. Frock lace edging on sleeves. Face pencil painted, hair is braided with bow attached to head.

Little Gem

Price: 12.75 AUD
Little Gem is handmade by me. She is 25cm 10 inches. Her body is muslin, face is pencil painted on and curly hair is stitched onto head. All her clothes are removable and washable. Her pinafore has press studs on shoulders covered by a littlr bird button. Her shoes are painted on and she is carrying her own little doll which is tied around her hand with ribbon. A delightful little gem to own. She has a yellow hair clip bow in her hair.

Little Gem

Price: 16.00 AUD
Little Gem hand made by me. 25cm tall, face is painted on, hair is triple back stitched onto head. All clothes are removable and washable, Brown shoes are painted. Bloomers red with a crocheted cord. Blouse is red/white stripesd with flower trim on sleeves. Pinafore is red/ cream floral with press studs and button on shoulder straps. Pink hair bow in hair is removable. She is carrying her own little doll which is tied onto hand with white ribbon.


Price: 20.00 AUD
Geoffrey is a black doll from Golly-J pattern. He is 17 inches tall and handmade by me. His body is black muslin, vest is fully lined, and trousers are red/white gingham cotton. Jacket is corduroy with red/white bias trim and gold studs. Boots are stretchy cotton with black floss laces. Face is painted on, hair black acrylic wool sewn on. Filling is hobby fill. Not suitable for young child due to studs.

Blinky Belle Koala Bear

Price: 17.75 AUD
Blinky Belle Koala Bear is handmade by me from a Crafty Kooka pattern. She is 38cm long and 30cm when sitting. Her main body is made from cotton and the pads on hands and feet are felt. The drown us felt, also the eyes and nose. Mouth is embroidered. Ribbon bow is removable. Blinky Belle is $17.75 plus postage

Honey hunny

Price: 22.50 AUD
This bunny is made from a Crafty Kooka pattern 'kooka Rabbit. www.craftykooka.com approx 20 inches/50cms. Contrasting pads and inner ear, button eyes and embroidered nose and mouth. Filling is hypoallergenic filling.

Burgangdy girl

Price: 10.00 AUD
Handmade by me from a Lillie Maes craft pattern. Body muslin material, filled with hobby fill. Face is drawn on, hair acrylic and sewn onto head. Pantaloons, frock cotton with bias trim. A cute little doll