Parlour Maid

Price: 24.00 AUD
Parlour Maid is handmaid by me she stands approx 35cml Body is 100% cotton material, filling is hobby fill hypo allergenic. Face is pencil painted on. Hair acrylic yarn sewn onto head. Frock has lace trim around neck and down back with Velcro closure Apron is pink cotton with small lace trim on hem and pink ribbon tie at back Long white pantaloons with lace trim and elastic waist Purchased white shoes with white flower and pearl on front of shoe White lace tie around head and tied in knot at to


Price: 35.00 AUD
Klara is handmade by me and stands about 50cm tall. Her body is calico and filling is hypo allergenic hobby fill. Her face is pencil painted on then sealed. Hair is100gms of craft wool/acrylic yarn handsewn double down centre, back and at the sides. It is then divided into two pigtails then divided again and braided into two coils each side of the head, tied with a green ribbon bow. She has a white camisole with lace trim and ribbon tie at the neck. Long pantaloons with elastic waist. Frock is off white /cream with yellow lace trim around the neck and wide trim on the hem. Back closure with Velcro. All clothing is removable and washable.

Little Gem

Price: 12.50 AUD
This little gem has been hand made by me. Her body is muslin, with Polyfill filling. Face is pencil painted on and hair has been hand sewn onto head. Her clothes are all removable and gentle washing. Her pretty pink floral frock has lace trim around neck, sleeves and hem. Back closure with Velcro. Her pink apron has velvet ribbon waistband, pink glitter rick rack sewn around lower part of apron. Bloomers have crocheted cord tie and lace trim on hem. She is approximately 20cm tall.


Price: 30.00 AUD
James is handmade by me. He stands about 20 inches 50cms tall. He is made from calico with hobby fill. His face is pencil painted on and hair stitched on to head. All his clothes are removable and washable. His clothes consist of grey singlet, silky under pants, silk blue, black shirt. Cotton trousers, cotton grey tie. Brown felt shoes and grey socks. His cap is grey fleecy with a black button sewn on at top.


Price: 14.00 AUD
Mytilda is handmade by me. Her body is muslin and filled with non allergenic hobby fill. Her face is pencil painted on. Hair is acrylic yarn and hand sewn onto head it has been machined in strips to form curls. Frock is floral cotton with rick rack on neck, sleeves and hem these have been machined on. Two decorative buttons sewn in front. Long white pantaloons with crocheted cord around waist and ties on hems. Shoes are knitted pattern by Jenny Wren. Buttons on strap and decorative button on front.

Peanut bear

Price: 15.00 AUD
A soft and cuddly bear easy to hold. Handmade by me. All cotton material with lace trim on hem. Small ribbon bow tied around ear. Neck has crocheted yarn cord tied at back for eady removal. Flower sewn onto frock in felt. A real delight for a child to cuddle

Lilliie Annie

Price: 10.75 AUD
Lilliie Annie is made from a lilliie Mae's craft pattern Annie shelf sitting doll. She is 25Cm/10inches tall. Her body is weighted with pellets concealed in a bag then closed in a double muslin pouch. Her nose and mouth are embroiled on and eyes are pencil painted on. Hair is sewn on down the middle part then tied into pigtails using red acrylic yarn. Lace trim around neck and upper panel and lower triangle panel.

Cee Jay

Price: 12.00 AUD
This soft doll is about 30cm tall easy to carry and cuddle. A child friendly doll. Her body is muslin with hobby fill filling. She has a Frock with floss tie and ribbon at neck. Pantaloons have crocheted cord tie with flos tie around hem. White socks with lace trim. Hair is acrylic yarn sewn onto head. A delight to own and cherish.

Shaker doll

Price: 22.50 AUD
Handmade by me stands 49cm tall. Sculptured fingers and nose. Hair hand sewn onto head. Face painted on with pencils. Muslin coffee and vanilla stained body. Bonnet, collar, bodice skirt and apron all cotton and removable. Black painted shoes, white painted socks. Long white bloomers tied with crocheted cord. Crocheted cord around bodice.


Price: 14.00 AUD
Molly is a sweet doll 45cm when standing. Her body is muslin stained with coffee, vanilla essence and cinnamon. Filling is hobbyfill. Her bloomers have lace trim and elastic waist. Her green bodice is fully lined with lace trim around neck and sleeves. Skirt is joined to the bodice. Back fastening is Velcro. Face is drawn on and acrylic hair is sewn onto head. All clothes are removable and washable.


Price: 10.00 AUD
Hand made by me from lillie mae craft pattern Body muslin and filled with hobbyfil. Face is drawn on, hair acrylic yarn French knitted and sewn onto head with beads sewn on at ends. All cotton material in clothes. Pantaloons and shoes removable. Lace trim on hem of under skirt.

Grand Ma

Price: 25.00 AUD
Grandma is handmade by me from a pattern by Juantia Clark making rag dolls. She is approx 50cm tall when standing. Her body is muslin with hobby fill filling. She has a camisole with Velcro fastening at back. Long pantaloons with elastic waist and lace on leg hems with cotton tie. Frock has Velcro fastening at back. Apron with small pockets and appllique hearts. Knitted cotton shoes with button closure on shoe straps. Hair is acrylic wool sewn onto head with blue ribbon. Face is drawn on.


Price: 10.00 AUD
Dana is approx 30 cm tall. She has felt for hair and yarn pigtails. Arms and legs are knitted cord with a bead at the end. Face is drawn on. Her body is flower floral cotton material. Skirt has waistband and brown button trim on side $10.00 plus postage.


Price: 27.50 AUD
Handmade by me,Regina is approx 50cm tall when standing. Has a muslin body with hobby fill filling. All clothes, camisole with back Velcro fastening, pantaloons with elastic waist are made from cotton and removable, washable. Bodice with lace trimming on sleeves and neck joined to cotton skirt. Velcro closure at back. Shoes are handknitted with strap and button fastening. Hair is acrylic wool and hand sewn onto head. A very pretty addition to any family.


Price: 30.00 AUD
Carrie is approx 30" tall. She has a muslin body with fibrefill fill. Her face is drawn on, hair is acrylic yarn sewn on with long plaits tied with ribbon. Her bodice and skirt are sewn at the waist, with green trim around sleeves and lace trim around hem . She has little panties on. Shoes are painted with a green button sewn on in the centre.


Price: 17.50 AUD
Fleur is handmade by me. She has a muslin body, cotton petticoat with lace trim and long pantaloons. Bodice has lace trim around neck and two rows down the front. Back closure is Velcro. Skirt has waistband with Velcro closure and purple bow at centre front. Shoes are knitted with heart buttons on side strap.

My first Annie doll

Price: 10.00 AUD
Hand made by me from Bella online pattern. Body coffee stained muslin material with hobby fill filling. Face is drawn on, hair acrylic wool and sewn onto head. Long pantaloons, black felt shoes with red floss laces. Red bow in hair

Burgangdy girl

Price: 10.00 AUD
Handmade by me from a Lillie Maes craft pattern. Body muslin material, filled with hobby fill. Face is drawn on, hair acrylic and sewn onto head. Pantaloons, frock cotton with bias trim. A cute little doll


Price: 30.00 AUD
Paula is a 20 inch doll from a pattern by Juanita Clark making Rag dolls. Handmade by me. Her body is muslin, clothes are all cotton with lace trim around neck, sleeves and pockets. She has long white bloomers with lace trim and floss tie. Face is drawn on. Hair is acrylic wool woven onto hair cap then glued onto head. Hair band is knitted removable. All clothes are removable and washable. Filling is fibre fill. Is


Price: 25.00 AUD
Corby is a shelf sitting doll hand made by me from a pattern by 'dolls on parade' .com.All materials are cotton. She has pellets concealed in bottom of body so that she sits upright. Hair is sewn on and flowers are knitted. Face is drawn on. Hair is acrylic yarn sewn onto head she had bodice and skirt and apron. Pantaloons with elastic waist. She is a favourite doll and looking to sit on a shelf in her forever home.


Price: 35.00 AUD
Antoinette is a standing doll 20-22inches. Handmade by me from a pattern by Claire Bryant Making Your Own Old Fashioned Cloth Doll.

Annie with a heart for you

Price: 20.00 AUD
Annie is pattern from Mamaws Creations "Primitive Raggedy Ann (186) "heart for you". She is 19 inches tall. A pattern I love. Body is muslin filled with hobby fill. Shoes and leggings are sewn into body. Red long pantaloons in soft satiny cotton material. Hair is sewn into head. Her heart is filled with hobby fill. Red bow in hair

Polly bear

Price: 10.00 AUD
Polly bear is from Homespun magazine April 2016 edition. Knitted from 12ply acrylic yarn l by me. Brown felt pads on hand, feet and ears, sewn on with black floss. Face is embroidered on with brown acrylic yarn. Body filled with hobbyfil. Bear is approx. 27cm in sitting position

Jack n Jill

Price: 55.00 AUD
20 inch cloth dolls hand made by me from a pattern by Juianta Clark making Rag Dolls. All cotton material, poly fill stuffing, muslin bodies, faces drawn on, hair acrylic and sewn on. Felt shoes and buttons on trouser straps.


Price: 20.00 AUD
Geoffrey is a black doll from Golly-J pattern. He is 17 inches tall and handmade by me. His body is black muslin, vest and trousers cotton, jacket corduroy with red/white bias trim. Boots are stretchy cotton with black floss laces. Face is drawn on, hair black acrylic wool sewn on. Filling is hobby fill. Bow tie is bought.

Ruby Red

Price: 30.00 AUD
Ruby Red handmade by me from a Lillie Mae's craft pattern (All dressed up). SHE IS 18 INCHES tall, body made from Muslin, all other materials cotton. Gloves felt with lace trim. Shoes and socks painted with lace around top of socks. White panties. Face embroidered on, hair acrylic and hand sewn on to head, bow is knitted and clipped onto hair. Purse is black felt.